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Mission Statement:

Often, the biggest obstacle for businesses is cash flow, and that’s where we can help. You know how to run your business and service your clients successfully, and we can fill any gaps in liquidity. We’ve worked with over 2,000 businesses since we opened in 2022. Thank G-d, things are going strong, and we hope to double that number in 2024.

There is a gap in the market that we’re looking to fill for a reliable, flexible, funding partner with the motivation and the wherewithal to help businesses expand without costing them a pretty penny on their P&L. It’s a relatively simple idea and yet somehow impossible to find. And trust us—we know! We all started as brokers and the reason why we created CastleRook Capital was because we couldn’t find a lender who we could refer our clients to in good conscience. Even though most of the lenders that we worked with were good at what they did, none of them had any desire to cultivate a long-term relationship with their clients and improve on every round of funding. They were more interested in keeping our clients at arm’s length while funding them at the same expensive rate and terms even though most of the risk was mitigated because of their established pay history! So we wanted to be better, and that’s our story.

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Let CastleRook Capital take your business to the next level. We specialize in traditional lending and unsecured lending options as well as other finanical services. We are here for you!

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