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    Traditional lending has long been the go-to method for individuals and businesses seeking financial assistance.

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Financing Examples

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Some approvals we have open currently:

Funded Payment Rate (APR) Payment Terms
$500,000 $18,076.20 18% 36 Months
$1,250,000 $29,737.41 15% 60 Months
$3,600,000 $56,550.33 11% 96 Months

Some approvals we have open currently:

Available Payback Rate (Simple) Payment Terms
$250,000 $266,750 6.7% 26 Weeks
$500,000 $565,000 13% 12 Months
$750,000 $900,000 20% 18 Months

Some approvals we have open currently:

Funded Payback Rate (Simple) Payment Terms
$350,000 $427,000 22% 12 Months
$625,000 $797,750 27% 15 Months
$850,000 $1,130,500 33% 18 Months

What Makes Us Different?

What we find makes us different is that we prioritize building up a client base of long-term, repeat customers who can come back to us time and time again. While we do keep our own bottom line in mind, we prioritize customer retention over any short-term profit. We have decades of combined experience, a positive reputation, the motivation — and thank G-d — the wherewithal to be able to provide real value to every single one of our clients.

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